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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

Poem of Six

Students - learn this poem by heart.  Teachers make sure your students can remember this and recite it for you!

Six Externals

  • FISTS:  straight line attacks; circular defense

  • EYES:  eyes to eyes

  • ARMS:  crooked but not, straight but not, rolling in and out

  • STEPS:  solid, steady, heavy, light, agile within the space of a lying cow

  • BODY:  natural in up, down, left, right, forward

  • STRENGTH:  Hard strength mixed with gentleness to achieve the natural


Six Internals

  • SKILLFULNESS:  movements should be varied, unexpected and flexible

  • TACTFULNESS:  control the opponent using his strength

  • BOLDNESS:  strike immediately without resolve

  • SWIFTNESS:  use visible fists to strike invisible blows

  • FIERCENESS:  attack the vital parts with intent

  • PRACTICAL:  train attack and defense; nothing for show

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Everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit. ~Joe Lewis


Bujutsu is an art in which the one is used to strike the many. Therefore train yourself always to be mindful of, and alert to, opponents in the four and eight directions. ~ Uyeshiba, Aikido Founder


If looking inward reveals the self to be unjust, then no matter how base the opponent may be, will I not be afraid? If introspection reveals the self to be just, then I will go even though against a thousand or ten thousand men. ~ Funakoshi, Father of Karate 1885-1963

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