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A China Five Year Comprehensive Survey
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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

Description: Complete Set Volumes One Through Nine - Kwongsai Jook Lum Mantis Instructional DVDs
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You May Request the Complete Set, Volumes One thru Nine, At Once

But first, review the complete description of each program above.  And then review the Summaries of
Year One, Two and Three training below.

Summary Year One Training

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Chop Shu Finger Pokes

Chop Shu - One to five fingers striking

Up to five fingers poking into soft tissue such as clavicle, neck, carotid artery.

Gao Choy Hammer Fist

Hammer Fist is a key tool of Hakka Mantis

Hammer Fist are employed in 4 corners and 6 Directions with borrowing force. A key tool of Hakka Mantis.

Jang Shu - Elbowing

Sticky elbows are many and variedt

Sticky elbows are many and varied. A basic exercise is ten elbow strokes.

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