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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

Description: "Centerline Defense"
ProductID: SPM03
Price: 39.99
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Volume Three:
Centerline Defense

Continuing from Volume Two one learns the shuffle step and half-stepping (forward, back, right, left), double punching, triple punching, and the 3 uses / 5 practices principle; next one learns to attack and defend the centerline in partner training using Mor Shu, the grinding hand single and double bridge; Gwak Shu, the sweeping hand single and double bridge, Choc Shu, the upper hooking hand single and double bridge; One step and three step partners training is taught using inside and outside defense, and the three basic hands as one. SPM03 $39.99 (60 minutes)

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Mor Sao - Grinding Hand

Mor Sao:  The Grinding Hand

Mor Sao is like grinding corn in a pestle. Like covering someone with a thick blanket. It is a feeling hand.

Gwak Sao - Sweeping

Gwak Sao:  The Sweeping Hand

Gwak Shu is a sweeping hand. A downward outer hooking hand.

Choc - Outer Hook

Choc Sao:  Outer Hook

Choc Sao comes from the middle to upper gate in an outer hook.

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