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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

Description: "Fundamentals; The Most Important"
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Volume One: 
Fundamentals;  The Most Important

This most important film in the series is the beginning and end of southern mantis training. Beginning with this video will ensure an excellent understanding and the ability to reach a high level of skill. Without the understanding and practice in this film, you will not reach your full potential. Taught are Principles of centering, rooting, forward momentum, centerline offense and defense; opening the horse stance; chop step, turn arounds; circle step; advance step; also calisthentic work, song of the mantis body posture and kicking skills (3 step kick; front kick; side kick; monkey kick; 4 corners kicking; and Lah Sao Kicking). Begin your south mantis training with this film.   90 minutes.

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Sai - Roller Hand

Sai Shu:  The Roller  Hand

A twisting forearm deflection similar to Bong Sao in Wing Chun except also used as a strike.

Sic - Eating Hand

Sic Sao:  The Eating Hand

Pulls the incoming force toward the centerline palm up as if taking food to the mouth.

Jik - Slicing

Jik Sao:  Slicing Hand

Slices directly over or under the incoming force deflecting and attacking simultaneously.

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