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Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis
Chu Gar Mantis
Iron Ox Mantis

A China 10 Year Ongoing Comprehensive Survey
Origins, History, Practices


China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

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China Mantis Survey Volume Three

China Mantis Survey Volume Three  China Mantis Survey Volume Three


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Elder Yao Kam Fat - Kwongsai Jook Lum   Sifu Xu Men Fei - Iron Ox Mantis
Elder Yao Kam Fat -  Som Bo Gin                          Sifu Xu Men Fei - Iron Ox

In This Volume

Continuing the China Mantis Survey, during 2002, I further travelled with Sifu Wong Yu Hua to visit, exchange and record a number of China Mantis Master's first hand experiences, young and old. More very rare photographs and stories were openly brought out and laid on the tables.

In this Volume, I share with you an interview with Kwongsai Elder Master, Yao Kam Fat, who visited Lao Sui with Wong Yook Gong. Watch his demonstrations of Third Door, Push Hands, and Plum Flower Pole Form. Hear stories which shed a great deal of light on Chung Yel Chong and Lao Sui's relationship, and other mantis ancestors.

Also, Iron Uncle Chung sheds light on mantis in the very earliest days.

Yang Gun Ming's family interview shows the degree that mantis once permeated south China villages.

And you will discover the origin of China's Iron Ox Praying Mantis and visit with an inheritor, Sifu Xu Men Fei, as he takes you on a tour of Pingdi, an Iron Ox Village and it's ancient Clan Temple. Watch demonstrations of the Iron Ox forms Second Door, Third Door and Big Red Pole forms!

Elder Yao Kam Fat

Elder Iron Uncle Chung

Elder Yang Gun Ming

Sifu Xu Men Fei


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