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Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis
Chu Gar Mantis
Iron Ox Mantis

A China 10 Year Ongoing Comprehensive Survey
Origins, History, Practices


China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey™

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   Volume One - Pingshan Mantis Celebrations  
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Vol One: Quick Links
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Pingshan Town
East River
Wong Yook Gong
Written History
Wong Yao Fei
Wong Yao Hong
Wong Yao Hua
Ancestral Shrine
Addendum to History
Unicorns Dancing
Youth Demonstrations
Various Demonstrations
Wong Yao Hong Demo
Dinner Banquet
Local Hakka Culture
and Many More Pages!

   Volume Two - China Mantis Reunion 
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Vol 2:  Quick Links
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Huizhou Mantis
Elder Sifu Lok Wei Ping
Sifu Lau Say Kay
Elder Sifu Lai Wei Keung
RDH Plays Mantis
Lau Plays Staff
Lai Plays Staff
Mantis Espirit de Corp
And Many More Pages!    

  Volume Three - Iron Ox / Kwongsai Interviews 
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Vol 3:  Quick Links
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Sifu Yao Interview
A Visit to Lao Sui
Wong Bullies 10 Men
Plum Blossom Pole
Wong's Private Shrine
Elder Iron Uncle Interview
Chung Yel Chong's First
Chu Gar Challenges Chung
Lam Sang to Hong Kong
Elder Yang Gun Ming
Liangjiang Dit Da Doctors
Iron Ox Sifu Xu Interview
Two Door Form
Three Door Form
Red Flag Pole Form
And Many More Pages! 

   Volume Four - On Som Dot's Trail / Chung Yel Chong 
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Vol 4:  Quick Links
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Chung Yel Chong's Family
Chung Yel Chong's Clinic
Lee Siem Takes A Student
Chung Go Wah - The Son
Chung's Manuscripts
Chung Ying - The Daughter
Soldier Chung Opens Schools
Chung's Family Today
Sifu Lee Kok Leung Interviews
Sifu Lee's Curriculum
Lee Talks About Lam Sang
Lee's Published Article
On Som Dot's Trail - Five Peaks Mt.
Panorama of Central Town
Up the Road to Jook Lum
Outside the Gate
Old Jook Lum Temple
Inside the Old Temple
Monk Speaks About Som Dot
Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt.
Wonders of Longhushan
Taoist Mansions and Palaces
Kwongsai Jook Lum - Bottom Line
Hong Kong Jook Lum - Bottom Line
Macau Jook Lum - Bottom Line
Map of Jook Lum Temples
And Many More Pages!

   Volume Five - Chu Gar Mantis Celebrations 
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Vol 5:  Quick Links
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Join the Celebrations
Lao Sui's Passing
Cheng Wan Finds Chu Gar
Wong Leng Learns 3 Step
Chu Gar Succession
Cheng Wan's Curriculum
Association Photos
Chu Gar Hands Pictorial
Cheng Sifu, Herbalist
Sifu Dong Yat Long
Chu Gar Basic Skills
Sifu Chen Ching Hong
First USA Chu Gar Teacher
Sifu Um Si Kay
HK Police Train Chow Gar
Grandmaster Yip Sui
A Teacher to Ten Thousand
And Many More Pages!  

(contained in Survey eBook)
Sifu Wong Yu Hua Interviews
Wong Yook Gong's Training Creed
Kwongsai Dit Da Jow Formula From Monk Lee Siem

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