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Jook Lum Temple Refines the Inner Essence                            Som Dot's Teaching is a Miraculous Hand

Dan Sui Town - 40 minutes drive from Pingshan Town

The following is an interview of Chung Yel Chong's family from 2002.  Chung Yel Chong was the third generation Ancestor and first teacher of the Late
Lam Sang's Kwongsai Mantis Kungfu.  The Chung family home and the Lam family home was across the street from each other in early Pingshan Village times.

The above clip shows Chung Wei Fei, Chung's grandson, treating a patient in the same clinic Chung Yel Chong opened in 1942.  This clinic has seen three generations of the Chung family treating patients.  Today, it treats some 30-40 patients daily.


Outside Chung Yel CHong's Clinic   Chung Yel Chong's Clinic Billboard
L) Finding the door of Chung Yel Chong was nourishment to my bones. Literally! I had a treatment. R) The door sign states, "Dan Sui Clinic for Bone-Setting Examinations".

Winding down crowded narrow lanes I arrived, with Wong Yu Hua and his son, at the door of Chung Yel Chong's clinic. His grandson Chung Wei Fei, was treating a patient's ankle and foot.

When the treatment was over, we all settled back for some tea and talk. I found Wei Fei to be a rather soft-spoken straight forward kind of fellow. He didn't hesitate to speak of his father and grandfather openly. And so I asked:

RDH:  How did your Grandfather meet his teacher, Lee Siem Si?

CWF:  My grandfather's, Chung Yel Chong's, parents were travelling acrobats performing in Kwongsai province.

Coming down Dragon-Tiger Mountain in 1917, Lee Siem Yuen
went to see my great grandparents acrobatic performance when their young son, Chung Yel Chung, swiftly recovered the hat of a monk that had been blown off in the river.

Recognizing the good nature and agility of the young boy, Lee Siem brought Chung Yel Chung up the mountain and taught him Som Dot's highest kungfu order of 10 soft-one hard and the Shaolin medicine.

Chung Yel Chong's Grandson, Chung Wei Fei   Chung Wei Fei and RDH Discuss Jook Lum Mantis
L) Wong Yook Gong's son and grandson, Chung Yel Chong's grandson and I settle back for tea and talk.  R) Chung Wei Fei writes about his family for RDH.

Of course, as a Monk, Lee instilled the virtues of morality, kindness, charity and avoidance of bad deeds into his young student.  After some ten years my grandfather was sent back down the Mountain to spread the art over the southern seven provinces.  It was my grandfather, Chung Yel Chong, who added the name "Kwongsai" to the praying mantis art in remembrance of his teacher, Lee Siem, his parents and their heritage from Kwongsai Province.

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