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Sifu Elder Yao Kam Fat


Longgang (Dragon Hill) District - 30 minutes drive from Pingshan Town

The following is an interview of Elder Sifu Yao Kam Fat when he was 80 years old (2002). You would not know his age by looking at him or watching him demonstrate complete mantis forms without stop.


Elder Sifu Yao Kam Fat - Kwongsai Interviews

Mr. Yao, 80, was a tall gentleman with a pleasant smile and demeanor. His large walled home with a central gate was down a series of small alleys and difficult to find. From an early age he followed Wong Yook Gong to learn Kwongsai Mantis and Dit Da medicine in Pingshan.

His home was fashioned in traditional Hakka style and we all sat down to have tea and talk mantis. Mr. Yao seemed to enjoy cigarettes as much as the tea.

In 1962, he accompanied Wong Yook Gong from Pingshan to establish a new school in Wanchai, Hongkong. At the time, he states most of the students of were members of the local "Shui Hu Pao Bing" restuarant workers union.

Later on, many of those students went to England.

L-R Wong Yu Hua (Wong Yook Gong's Son), RDH,
Sifu Yao Kam Fat, Nathan Lam -Survey Photographer - Asst. Editor

Kwongsai Interviews - Enter on the Left Foot!

Its best to enter the door on the left foot!   Below is Mr. Yao, Wong Yu Hua, his wife,
RDH taking notes and Mr. Lam, my Assistant Editor

Kwongsai Interviews - Hakka Sifu Yao Kam Fat

Update:  January 2010.  Yao Sifu is now 89 and still going strong in Longgang!

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