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Monk Som Dot - Founder of Hakka Mantis
In doing so, as they descended the mountain, Wong Do Yuen and Lee Siem Yuen, at the middle gate of the mountain accepted a student named Chu Long Bot. Hiding the kungfu of the first order, they taught Chu Long Bot only the second order kungfu of Som Dot. At that time, the first order kungfu of Som Dot was not taught. After learning the art, Chu, having no knowledge of the first order kungfu, betrayed Wong and Lee and used only the Chu name to pass on what was called Chu Gar Gao.  Discover why Chu Gar in Hong Kong today is called  Chu Gar Praying Mantis.

Chu Long Bot later taught Chu An Nam, who taught Yang Sao and Lao Sui, who was a friend of Chu Kwei, who was the father of Chu Kwong Hua in contemporary times (refer to the 1962 Hong Kong Praying Mantis Fitness Society photograph). This order of kungfu was originally taught only at the middle gate of the mountain.

Monk Lee Siem Yuen - Teacher of Hakka Mantis



Later, as Wong Do Yuen and Lee Siem Yuen went back down the mountain, at the lower gate, a praying mantis insect popped out in front of them. Wong, being the first to step off the mountain, proclaimed the mantis must be a sign from Heaven and to avoid further persecution of Som Dot's Shaolin teaching, the Shaolin art of three orders should be called Praying Mantis.

At the bottom of the mountain, a man named, Choy Tit Ngau, (Ngau / Niu means Ox) pleaded with sincerity to learn their kungfu and the two of them taught him Som Dot's third order of kungfu based on extremely forceful techniques.

Not knowing what to call the art, Choy, having no knowledge of the first or second order of Som Dot, eventually did the same as the Chu Clan and called the art Tit Ngau, or Iron Ox. Later Chung Lo Ku learned from Choy and passed on this teaching as Chung Gar Gao in the East River region. This kungfu of the third order was taught at the bottom of the mountain.  Refer to the Iron Ox interview.

The statues are representations of Som Dot and Lee Siem.

Wong Yook Gong Met Lee Siem in Hong Kong - read his description in Volume Four: On Som Dot's Trail

The story of Chu Long Bot and Wong Do Yuen, is one that I first heard from Sifu Louie Jack Man.   I became Louie Sifu's mantis student circa. 1977, in Kentucky.  Mark Gin Foon Sifu, circa. 1980, also repeated the story of a three door system in Minnesota. 
---  RDH 

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