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China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey

Description: From China, since 2002, a 9 year ongoing Comprehensive Survey of the Origins, History and Practices of Kwongsai, Chu Gar and Iron Ox Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu in Multimedia eBook format. Five Volumes! 376 Pages. 700+ photos. 41 Video Clips. 1,300 files. 72MB eBOOK!
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 A Few of This Survey's Rare Photos and Secrets

  • Discover just where is the East River located and its significance

  • See the Bamboo Forest Temple in Hong Kong, Macau, Jiangxi, Shanxi Provinces

  • Find out what the Three Doors of Southern Mantis Are and Why

  • Visit Pingshan, the Hometown of Kwongsai Jook Lum Mantis

  • See never shown before photos of Master Wong Yook Gong, 4th Generation Ancestor

  • Read the 1957 written history of Tanglang Pai;  Interviews with Sifu Wong Yu Hua

  • Meet Wong Yook Gong's family and see their Tanglang Skills

  • Meet Chung Yel Chong, 3rd Ancestor's Son, Grandson, Daughter and their interviews

  • See Chung Yel Chong's manuscripts from the 1930's

  • Visit Chung Yel Chong's Medicinal Clinic still operated Today by his Grandson

  • Find out where Som Dot and Lee Siem Rest in Peace

  • Meet Iron Chung Bok, aged 95, who visited the opium dens in 1920 with Chung and Lam

  • See the Ma Sai District, Pingshan, home to Lam Sang Sifu and Ancestor Chung Yel Chong

  • Meet Elder Yao Kam Fat and watch his performances of Three Door, Sticky Hands and Staff

  • Interview Elder Yang Gun Ming's family and pay respect

  • Join a China Tanglang Reunion Banquet and watch dozens of senior / elder demos

  • Meet the Elders of Chu Gar who helped Lao Sui open his first school and why Chu Gar is Tang Lang

  • See the successor to Lao Sui, the Late Chu Kwong Hua, and his hundreds of students

  • Visit Elder Chu Gar Head Master Cheng Wan and join the 29th annual Celebration

  • Watch Iron Ox Master Xu Men Fei perform second door, third door and big red staff in his Ancestral Temple

  • See Xu Fat Chun, Grand Father, Iron Ox, and hear Great Grandfather Xu Ku's account of the 4'th South Mantis Style, Chung Lo Ku Pai, from Choy Tit Niu

  • Watch the 1950 Hong Kong Television movie in which "Wong Fei Hong vs. Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple"

  • Discover Mantis Fact from Fiction!  Hear secrets that have never been told openly before!
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