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Warning!  This article contains graphic Images.

Pingshan Hakka Mantis Feast

Once a year, in the Spring time, Wong Yu Hua Sifu, being Hakka, obtains a small yellow calf that has grazed only on Mountain grass and gathers friends and family at a lakeside villa for a feast of beef!


The little calf doesn't suffer but for those who buy their food in the supermarket, it may seem cruel (at first).  I have to admit the little calf did seem to look up at me as if to say, "help!"


Of course, when in Rome you do as the Romans do, and I was guest of honor at this Hakka feast and did not wish to impose on my most gracious Hakka Chinese host, the western supermarket hunter / gatherer's idea of how to obtain beef !  Although, I did decline to join in the butchering.


Taken down to the lakeside, the calf is first knocked completely unconscious with a sledgehammer right between the eyes.

Then, its thoat is cut and it is allowed to bleed out until dead.  A quick examination of its eyes make that determination.


After it is clear that the animal is dead, its head is cut off and discarded into the lake.  I couldn't help but wonder how many cow heads (or otherwise) laid in the water at the bottom of that concrete slab?

At this point all the men join in with the meat cleavers and beginning with the legs skin the calf completely.  With great dexterity and obvious experience in a matter of just minutes the cow's hide is completely removed.

The meat is then removed from the bone with the skill of master butchers.  Some is hung up and cubed, so is made to into beef stew, some into deep fried beef steaks and in all some dozen dishes are made until there is absolutely nothing gone to waste.  The only thing remaining  of the little yellow calf was his intestinal tract and stomach sac! 

L) Wong SIfu, Wong Simu and RDH;  R) Guests of the Hakka Feast!

When it was time to enjoy the feast, and after tasting the delectable beef dishes (I usually don't eat beef), I stated the only reason Buddha didn't eat beef was because no one treated him to a Hakka feast!

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