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Volume 10: Chi Sao Instruction
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Wing Chun Village Excursion
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Greetings from RDH

New Release!
Kwongsai Mantis Chi Sao
Volume 10 Instructional DVD

Volume 10 Instructional contains extended footage and a light hearted look at training in a regular Kwongsai Jook Lum Mantis school; Trapping skill; Chi Sao sets 1 - 6; Continuous Mor Sao; and Passoffs.  Prerequisite training Volumes 1- 9.  Tuition $108. Download Only.  Available by email request.

View Chi Sao Video and more training online here.   21 Video clips - depending on your browser and internet speed this video gallery may take 3 or 4 minutes to load your first time.  Remember! Patience is a kungfu virtue!

MantisFlix™ Released!

60 years and hundreds of hours of Southern Mantis and Hakka Boxing are contained in the MantisFlix™ library.  The first five volumes are released on DVD and ship from NYC the same day requested. Watch Previews of each volume here.  Available now.  Truly rare and collectible.

Kungfu Voodoo

In case you missed the China Mantis site lately, science explains mind over matter in the November news column.  Relative to the old style boxing's idea of kungfu voodoo! Read here.

Wing Chun Village Excursion

Good friends and students from Boston arrived for an excursion into the hometown of Wing Chun, Kulo village.  Jim Roselando is a well known "Pin Sun Side Body" Wing Chun teacher and historian. We spend a week up and down the West River to further Jim's friendships and research of Leung Jan's side body boxing.  Although, Jim is a Wing Chun expert he also has a keen interest in Southern Mantis.  Contact him through his website at

Read the full story here!

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